The Layout & Terrain Generator Pros and Cons

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I watched a few videos on How World Machine works and I noticed no one cover a topic as of yet that I can find on my own so I am here asking the community this.

This is a tricky one because I have not seen no one do this yet but I am curious. In the 3D view of creating terrains, I am wondering if I could do up to 4 or even 10 generators that create this giant map once completed.

I know we start out on doing just one terrain and going from there correct? However I noticed other white section there empty and I am wondering if it’s possible to generate several terrains and work each of them in that same 3D space until you get a giant terrain of all 4 or 10 squares that make up a giant terrain?

I have a drawing I created in adobe Illustrator of a huge map with all sections planned out of mountains, caves, desert lands and woodland earas ahead of time.

I want to import this into Professional - World Machine and work up each section in it’s zone if possible which is why I am asking is this question?

Should this happen in the Layout Generator? It is flat, However I am wonder if my artwork was underneath it for me to view the sections and work on each of them one section at a time could this be done or are we stuck with generating only one terrain at a time?

I’m not sure what our limitations are in WM yet, I am new to it.

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Yes you can do that. You need to organize your terrain into multiple nested terrains using “world extents” and “layouts”.

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It’s tricky to explain this kind of complex workflows, since everyone has their own. The program itself is flexible enough to accommodate it all.

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