Tiled build with varying output resolutions

Hey, I’m sure this must be documented somewhere but I couldn’t seem to find it:

I’d like to build my tiled world with say:

  • height map at say 128x128 per tile
  • normal map at 1024x1024 per tile

However I’ve found if I set this up by setting the “scene resolution multiplier” to scale down the height output, it seems the tiled build only builds a small section of the map for that output.
Is varying output resolutions in a tiled build unsupported, or am I missing something about how to set this up?
I also found using a fixed output size for my devices in a tiled build seemed to result in poorly defined behaviour with a 256x256 device saving at 320px

Thanks for any assistance!

Hi there,

What you want should be possible, and you’re not doing anything wrong, in terms of setup. What version of World Machine are you running?

Hey, thankyou for the quick reply.

I’m using ‘Artist Point’ Build 4031.2. Here’s an image illustrating the issue as well since I’m new to world machine and wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve made some kind of obvious mistake:

the top version is the expected behaviour, the second version is the behaviour with the height output scene resolution set to 257

Hi there,

Can you include your world file for the above either here or emailed to support@world-machine.com? I can’t replicate this issue currently.

I have confirmed there is something squirrely going on with a fixed-resolution output during a tiled build with a blend percentage greater than 0.

Sure here’s the world machine file, I have the blend set at 12% I think, it’s just at the default value:

grad.zip (17.7 KB)

When I run the tiled build here this results in the above behaviour.