Tiled Output heightmaps do not line up UE4 world composition


Just purchased the professional version of world machine. I am having an issue where the tiled heightmaps do not import into ue4 correctly. The tiled heightmaps end up at different z heights making each tile have a steep dropoff. Not sure if I am missing a object in World Machine or not but would like to ask the community.

The only option in the “project settings” is “share edge vertices” I would think that this would need to be turned on. Nothing else seems like it would work.



Im also sampling the heightmaps made in the example maps that come w WM. I usually have to make a “height output” node from a heightmap wire that I look to see which section in the blueprint makes sense. In this case I used the “Pacific Atoll” map and then connect the HO node to the end of the erosion node. Think this would help.

Are you happening to use any devices that break when using tiled builds (i.e. displacement)?
(by the way welcome to forums!)

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Thanks!! Sorry I’m kind of new at this. I’m not sure what u mean by devices that cause displacement. I’m working on the UE4 interface. Or do u mean in the world machine blueprint?

Hi there,

A couple things off the top of my head.

  • First, make sure you have a decent blending percentage in the tiled build setup; 25-50% should be fine. If this is set to zero, things may not match at the edges depending on the devices in the network.

  • Share edge vertices should be checked.

  • I can’t recall off the top of my head what UE4 requires, but you may need “Flip Y orientation of tiles” to be checked to match what UE4 expects to see. If this is flipped, you’d get massive gaps at tile edges since they would no longer be the same edge.

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Thanks so much! I’ll try all of those things and see if it works!

Quick responses! I’m very grateful for the help.

It seems to work! The blend percent was by default really low - 5%. Increased it and it looks beautiful! Im not sure if it looks like how the complete landscape looks like in the world machine preview but it still is continuous when imported into UE4. It works for what Im using it for! Thansk!

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