Trees in world Machine

hi everyone

Huge fans of world machine and been using it on many projects, and we are working on a movie that has these aerial shots of some mountains, .

I am trying to work out a way of maybe scattering very small trees.

there was a previous post here with someone that was able to nail that look, and I wondered if you guys can suggest ways of creating the same exact look?

any help and feedback would be greatly appreciated

Hi there,

Are you looking to “simulate” trees in World Machine by including them into the terrain or texture created from WM, or drive vegetation in your renderer with a weight map?

For the first, there is a macro included with recent World Machine builds called “Vegetation Scatter” that will do what you want; feed it your existing texture and a weightmap governing how to distribute the vegetation.

For the second, the latest build 3025 ‘Alpine Lakes’ includes a Select Wetness device that is great for plant placement as it produces an index of soil wetness; otherwise, try using the erosion flowmap output for a similar effect.

Hi Stephen,

thanks for replying, I am looking to include them into the terrain as some part of the geo and the height map, we have shots where the trees would be miles away from the camera.

I was able to get it to show as spikes on the terrain that looks OK, but I was wondering if there was a more refined way of displaying them.