Trigger "Fit to current Scene" Automatically

I’m trying to trigger “Fit to current Scene” automatically on the File Input node when the tmd file opens, when the input file is updated, or when the world dimensions change.

Does anyone know if it’s possible?


Every TMD file has it’s own “world parameters” or “Project settings”. Once they are set, every file input you add will mimic the scale settings set within that project.

In short, the file input automatically “fits to current scene” when you add it to an empty graph. So just develop a habit to set your “project scale” BEFORE you start adding “file inputs”

That said, when world dimensions change, you have to perform at least ONE action to trigger that function on all file inputs. You can create a macro where a single “action” parameter can be linked to multiple file inputs at once. But that button has to be clicked manually every time project dimensions change mid session. Can’t be done automatically, or “programmatically”.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m automating the world bakes and setting dimensions/project settings through xml. So what happens is our network generates the xml on the fly with the correct settings, however all of the inputs don’t auto adjust to the new dimensions since we’re not creating or manually editing the files.

We do have a work around by making the file input dimensions much larger than any potential project settings but I’d like to have it scale and center to it’s proper dimensions to make our system more robust.