Tutorial: How to connect a parameter in WM 4030 and above?

Hey! I have seen a lot of people having trouble with connecting parameters in the new version of World Machine, as devices no longer have all parameter ports exposed like in previous versions of World Machine. So, let me quickly describe how to do it.

Let’s say we want to control the height of a Constant device with a Scalar Generator. First, we drag a wire from the Scalar Generator's output, and move it on top of the Constant device.


Then, we simply let go of the left mouse button, and a context menu appears! Here, we can select what parameter port we want to connect this wire to.

And when we have selected the appropriate option, the parameter is now connected.


This works for all ports on the device, for example, if we want to use the Constant device as a Shaping Guide for an Advanced Perlin, we can instead of connecting it directly to the port, just let go of the wire on top of the device, and the same context menu will appear!