Tutorial Project: Basics of procedural terrain modelling in World Machine

Here is a free text and application based basic tutorial I made for those new to procedural terrain modelling. I go over some very basics of Terrain modelling, in a language friendly to new users and artists alike. Download the archive and extract the folder to a location you can read and write to. Open the world machine project in any version above “4031.2”, and follow the instructions contained within. It’s more of a demo for new users, I skipped over “design methodology” to keep things simple and concise. You can ask questions about the workflow here itself, as a reply to this forum post.


Project files:
World Machine - Basic tutorial.zip (2.3 MB)



Only educational and editorial use allowed. No commercial use, no redistribution. All content provided here (in this forum post), within the archive, and produced using this project, is licensed the same.

All files contained within this post are hereby licensed CC BY 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International).
Legal: Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0
Licensor: Pratyaksh Gaur (https://about.me/pratyakshgaur)

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I just caught a few typos, and edited a few settings here and there. So here’s an updated build of the project. I added a version suffix to both the folder and the file, so it shouldn’t overwrite the previous one.

Project file:

World Machine - Basic tutorial_V2.zip (2.8 MB)


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