Upgrade from Standard to Pro?

Hello, I purchased WM Standard over a month ago now, no issues. Monday morning on Sept. 11, I purchased the upgrade from Standard to Pro. The purchase page stated that they would email me my new license key within 1 business day. I still have not received it. I put in a ticket to the support center the next day with no response still even though they claim 2 business day response. I also emailed the support email with no response. At nearly a week after purchasing with no responses, I am at a loss. Am I doing something wrong? Should I start a dispute on PayPal to get my money back?

@ownthebanks Check your spam folder before asking for a refund, maybe the email was sent but this time your email service decided to spam tag it. Has happened to me before, one purchase from a vendor went alright, but the next update notification from them went straight to spam.

As for lack of communication, we are all worried. It’s been over a year, no peep.

I have been watching my emails like a hawk, including the junk/spam folder. I guess I should start the refund process, I’m sure it will take a while. Any suggestions on a replacement software with equal or better features?

Sad to hear this happened but as WFab mentioned, it has been quiet on the devs side for a while now.

I would start the refund process. You can always come back and check if things are looking any better in a month or even a year.

As for other software, I would still choose WM over the others but the two next best are probably Gaea and World Creator.

Gaea is also node based and ive heard the transition isnt too hard. Plus from what I have seen, the results are also pretty similar to WM.

World Creator is more of a layered deag and drop kind of system. I got a license for a year but I wont renew it because to me it just doesnt feel right. I prefer nodes. The simulations are still amazing and you can do amazing stuff with the software but to me it seems more random if that makes sense. Also their discord is very active, so thats a big upside.

Thanks for the reply. I have started the refund process. I would really like to use the professional features WM Pro offers. Unfortunate this seems impossible. You would think sending out a license key manually would be worth $180 USD or atleast setting up an automated system for it, but who am I to judge. Using all of my CPU cores really would save me a lot of time. I was also looking forward to starting with tiled builds and creating my own macros. :frowning:

Gaea seems somewhat promising. They have a free version which will help me decide if its worth it for what I need. Looks like they haven’t had an update in almost a year now though. So could be in the same boat as WM soon.

World Creator seems a bit more pricy with seemingly no way to try it out for free. I think I would also prefer nodes… Though a drag and drop system sounds interesting. I assume its like a hierarchy system.

Refund says October 7th. My luck I’ll get the key October 6th… Weeks of time…

If memory serves me right, you can try world creator 2 for free. But it has been a long time since i have tried it.
But yes, it is really interesting playing around with the modifiers and getting a good result after just a few minutes. The only thing that kind if bothered me a bit with my wm brain was that i always thought if adding more and more modifiers instead of tweaking the existing ones. Meaning you will have maybe 10-ish modifiers instead of a couple hundred nodes like in wm. That’s something my brain couldn’t handle haha.

But good luck! Keep us posted, im interested how you will decide.

Yo! They are alive! I finally got my key upgraded… Thanks for chipping in and giving me some advice.


@ownthebanks Thanks for the info man, much appreciated!

So it is still alive?! Good to know, thank you.

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