Using reference images inside World Machine

Hi there,
I’m wondering if there is a way of importing an image inside of World Machine that would act only as a reference image.
I have a map design made by my Art Director and I wish to import that into WM’s Layout View and have it act as a reference image for me when tracing shapes over the terrain. The image would not affect the terrain in any way, it’d just be there for me to act as reference. It would make my life easier having it in there as proportions and scales would match almost perfectly and I wouldn’t have to do any kind of guess-work.

Is there a way to do this and if not, let me know of how do you guys approach this kind of reference stuff.

Hi there,

This exact feature is in the next version of World Machine, available on the Dev Channel for existing customers.

In the main release build 3028, you can achieve something similar by using an Overlay view. Load the sketch you want to trace using a File Input device and plug it into the overlay:


Then freeze the preview on the overlay view. You’ll now see your sketch overlaid atop the terrain you are sketching in the layout view.


That is great news to hear! And thank you for this workaround as well!