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In a Landscape with mountain there is usally valleys. Can I mask out all the valley so I can paint a path there? I tryed Slope angel but that is way to generus, I get all sorts of small bumps in that mask.
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Really depends on your node setup but I think the best way to go is to manually paint out the path. You can do some more clever selection by using a Layout generator and “narrow down” the low slope selections, but that still will need manual tweaking in the end.

I am working on a 30km*30km Landscape. It is HUGE, Tons of work to paint it manually. I was hoping for some procedure workflow

Ah I see. Well, if so, then you must take in account the valley path when creating a valley. I have a macro that gives you the mask of the valleys created, but that still is really generous (see first image). So yes, it is possible to do it procedurally, but you must then take it into account somewhere in the process of the valley creation. Otherwise, it may be difficult. You could maybe use a convexity selection together with a select wetness (see second image)?

And another macro of mine does valley creation based on a water system, so you can use the tributary mask to get the lowest parts of a valley. It also features a valley mask (and valley depth mask). This macro, however, costs money. Valley Cut is a free macro.

Thank you.
Looks promising. I will look into it. You got me going in the right direction

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