Vector map to drive Water shader in Unreal

I m newbie in world machine and i want to now if it’s possible to get velocity data from water system to convert it in vector map for create water shader in Unreal?
Usually, i use Houdini but i want now if it’s possible in World Machine.
Thank you

Hi there,

Yup, this is absolutely possible! It’s one of the main features of the new water system.

There is an included macro designed to export this data; go to the macro library (Macros->Open from Library) then under the category Outputs, you’ll see a macro named “Water Output”. Add that to the world and connect your water into it.

When you then go to the Export Terrain dialog, you’ll see the outputs inside that macro show up and you can set your filenames, etc for the water mesh and also the flow/velocity maps for the water.

Thank you, it’s works :smiley:

I try to export my river mesh with mesh output but i try many option but unreal said :
Mesh name: [River] part name: [River: TerrainMesh] could not be created because all of its polygons are degenerate.
How i can fix that?

I’ll take a look shortly and see what’s happening with UE4 import…

The geometry import issue is due to scaling. Try to scale your mesh by 1000 in the import dialog in UE and you should see it import OK, for example. The correct scale factor is going to depend on your game world setup. It should be scaled to the same size as your terrain to fit the two together!

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