Vectorfield Input

Hey guys!

I have been working with WM for quite a while now, but always tried to work around some nodes like the parameters or the composite type. Reason being is that I have no idea how to get the vectorfield input for the composite type node. Can anyone explain how I can get that input?


Hello @Patrick!

The “Composite Type” nodes function is to composite, and decomposite, the “composite” data in world machine. (Now try saying that five times fast lol!)

The composite types in world machine are “Water”, “Materials”, and others listed in there as types.

The “vectorfield” data, is provided by decompositing “water” data.

Steps to get it:


I also touch on using the Composite Type device in this tutorial:

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Sorry for the delay!

Thank you! this is exactly what I was looking for.

I just wasnt sure what the input has to be for the Composite Type device and you clarified it perfectly!