What's the difference between the erosion parameters?

I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out if there’s any appreciable difference between hardness​:point_up_2: and sediment carry :point_down:, or between sediment carry :point_up_2: and base duration :point_up_2:. I’ve noticed that the amount of erosion :arrow_right:0 as sediment carry :arrow_right:0 or rock hardness :arrow_right:1. For all I can tell, the amount of sediment moved could be entirely determined by duration*sedimentCarry*(1-rockHardness)… It seems like I can get the complete range of end results by adjusting only one of those values and leaving the other two fixed. Is there any kind of in-depth explanation of the erosion device out there that could clear up exactly what all these sliders do? Everything I’ve found is really basic, and the processing time makes it hard to figure out the more subtle stuff by trial-and-error.

Take a look at: