Where can I get documents for new feature of device Combiner

The device of Combiner adds some new methods like overylay, smooth, and screen.But there is not any document on offical website. So where to find the document?

Documentation is being worked on at a very very slow pace. That’s all we know. As for the combiner…

Try everything and see what works for you. The combination methods work very similar to photoshop. Or any other content creation program. If there’s any specific effect you’re trying to achieve, ask about that, someone may be able to help about THAT more precisely.

I just want to know the Combiner method of overylay and screen. Thank you for explaination.

@HYLK Created a great tutorial series covering the combiner device some time back. Here’s the combiner episode. I’ll add the timestamp to screen and overlay method, should be more convinient for you.


It’s so wonderful.Thank you most sincerely.


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