Why does my world look like this?

I modified the lesson on roads by adding a new road – figured out how to make the paths work to make roads etc. then I exported it to blender – followed directions I found on line for getting it into blender and this is how it turned out – any idea whats making the extra space around the landforms??? just makes it harder to use

Thanks in advance for the help


Best as I can tell with my limited Blender experience, it looks like your texture on the displacement map is either being cropped, or the scale is wrong on it. Judging by the fact that the color texture seems to match up with the displacement, I’m leaning towards cropped rather than being scaled incorrectly. I’d check on the texture properties tab, under “Crop” that the minimum X and Y are set to 0, and the maximum is set to 1.

If you’re able, could you share the directions you followed for importing it into Blender?

I found these instructions here:


I generated the Height map out of World Machine and Also the color map

imported them into blender following the instructions – ive a lot to learn yet, so we’ll see what happens

@taholmes160 Seems like a “mapping” issue on the bforartists side. I’m using the latest official LTS release of blender, 3.3.

Since Blender 2.8, the way displacement works has changed significantly. Id suggest looking up an updated tutorial for your specific “Blender release”.

I personally prefer using “Meshes” for 3D terrain usage, less prone to precision problems like this.