WM4 Basic: Outputting a 4096px file by splitting a heightmap into multiple 1024px files?

I’m trying to use World Machine Basic to modify a heightmap I have to run “Flow Restructure” on it (linked below). This heightmap is 4096x4096px, meant for use in Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

However, since I’m limited by the basic version, I can only output 1024px-square heightmaps.
Is there a way to have World Machine split the world into 1024px tiles, and output multiple heightmaps, each of them 1024x1024px? (I can then the heightmaps back together in an image editor.)

EDIT: Forgot to attach the heightmap.

Is it possible? Yeah. Is it advisable? Not really. The methodology would essentially be setting up 4 different render extents, and then exporting each at 1024px², however what you’d be doing at that point is essentially making a janky manual tiled build, and the Flow Restructure device does not work well in tiled builds, so your heightmap edges will likely not line up correctly, and the restructuring of each extent won’t be informed by the other extents, which would lead to unrealistic results, which sorta defeats the entire purpose of running it in the first place.

You may be better served by either picking up the indie version, or simply resizing the image in your image editor.

World Machine Professional and above, support feature called “Tiling”. It includes importing tiled terrains, modifying tiles, doing some operations on these tiles (subject to conditions), and export these tiles with preferred naming convention (and file types). You need therefore “world machine professional edition” to approach “tiling”, the feature you need.

That said, in practice, things are a bit complicated.

“Flow restructure” and “water” devices are not compatible with tiling. So for your specific use case, it still may not work as expected (it still might work after some creative finangling, jury’s out on that part).

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Strictly speaking, if they upgraded to any of the paid versions, they wouldn’t need tiling. If I’m understanding correctly, the only reason they’re looking to tile currently is that the community edition is limited to 1024/1025 max resolution, and they’re looking to get a 4096 resolution output.


This 100%.

In addition, I am not interested in paying $120 just to do a single flow restructure on a single 4k heightmap for a 20-year-old, free, game.

If there is a workaround, I would greatly appreciate it.

Ahh… Gotcha! :smile:

Still worth upgrading imho, but it’s a steep price to pay, yeah…

The only workaround I can think of, is an AI Upscaler. For example: This one

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Unfortunately, if there were any true workarounds, it would be unlikely that you could find them here, as it’d be circumventing license restrictions which I’m fairly certain would be frowned upon.

I think your options are limited to an AI upscaler like @WFab mentioned, a simple image resize (if fine detail isn’t important) in a program like Photoshop or GIMP, or, if you’re not opposed to spending money, just not over $100, you could check services like Fiverr or something to see if you can just throw someone who owns one of the paid licenses a few bucks to run it for you.