World Machine Basic Resolution

I understand with World Machine Basic the resolution is at a maximum of 513 x 513. Does this mean preview quality as well? For example, with a world at 513 x 513 metres, and 513 x 513 resolution, is the preview quality better on a level at 1024 x 1024?

Hope it makes sense

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Iā€™m not 100% sure I understand, so let me know if I answered your question or not!

A 513x513 pixel world that occupies 513m x 513m of space has a detail scale of 1m/pixel.

If you increased the resolution to 1024, it would have a detail scale of 513/1024 = .5m/pixel.

The preview you see before you build the world is some lower resolution, usually 128px or so, so your preview is usually more at a scale of 4m/pixel (513/128). The preview quality will stay the same regardless of what your final build resolution is.

Does that help?

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Yep, thanks! Just what I was after.

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