World Machine Community Discord Server is Up and Running

Hi World Machiners,

there is no dedicated Discord Server as far as I know so i went and created one. This server is not there to replace the forums rather to provide a supplementary place to get together, share projects, help each other, talk in real time and participate in contests and held challenges.

There are dedicated learning channels to share and discuss tutorials. You can post tutorials you made yourself or found online. Node discussions, project presenting, sharing ideas, macros, plug-ins, textures and much more from the cool stuff you can do with World Machine.

I hope you’ll join.

After the first 10 members we will organize weekly challenges and scheduled contests.

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Invalid Invite Links

Hi, here have a new one:

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Link is invalid again. Make sure to set the expiry date to never.

yeah this annoying… I think no one is even on the discord server…failed idea :frowning:

No working link!
Please post a new link :slight_smile:

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