World Machine Discord Server?

I started using world machine recently and I found myself coming on here and going through discussions so I could find solutions and read up to learn. But I was wondering if there was a discord server for this community, I was able to find a few links on different posts on here but they were all not valid.

@Lonlon Discord is where forums go to die imho. But in any case, you can comment on that other discord server thread you visited, to ask for an updated invitation link.

This is a more Minecraft oriented terraformer server, but a lot of us use WM and can offer help/feedback!

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Thanks for sharing it, I will check it out!

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Can you share a new link to the discord? I am doing minecraft related terraforming as well so that would be perfect. Iā€™m having a lot of trouble finding documentation for the current worldmachine and I could use the help :slight_smile:

Updated the link, set to never expire, let me know if it works (or not)!

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