World Machine Tutorial Series

Hey all,

After a long time, I’ve decide to create my own tutorial series for World Machine. As of now, only the introduction is online, but I hope to push out more videos in the coming weeks. Be sure to subscribe if you want to see them.

You can check out the introduction video here.

The images of the terrain being build in the background, can be found here.

I hope you enjoy these tutorials, and if you have any feedback or remarks, be sure to hit me up!


I would love to see more advanced tutorials (how to make maps like the ones from imbilio or killerack or consue or JakBB). Especially for advanced stuff there is a steep learning curve and way too less tutorials.

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There will be advanced tutorials! However, I first want to lay out the basics so more people can get into world machine.

Great, that’s fine.

I’m looking forward to this awesome video tutorial series!

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