Snowy mountains redux

Just the same old snow covered mountain, done differently. Started as a random experiment, turned into an exercise in patience lol! Still a work in progress, this is just the first usable version


This looks very nice sir.

However, it might look better without the rivers and the splashes of orange like color around near the borders. They alter the sense of scale a little bit.

I like pics 2, 4, and 6.

What are you planning to use it for? Do you import your maps to other applications like Terragen / Vue, Unreal / Unity, or Blender / other 3d.

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Thanks! Colormap is just for visualization purpose. Once I get all the kinks and artifacts out, I’ll be retexturing it anyway.

Once It’s finished, I’ll be optimizing everything all around, for public consumption. Then I’ll test it with vue/terragen, before creating a reference scene in Blender. Not sure yet, but I’ll be selling it as a packaged product on blendermarket, someday.

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Looking nice! I would like to see the snow filling in the channels somewhat.

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