Thank you Stephen for Layers node

Here is my 3-years old project, that contains of chains of Combiners

Here is 1-day old project, completed on Layers nodes - it really helps to reduce amount of separate Combiners

Really comfotable improvement, thanksssssssssss :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Kind of off-topic but out of curiosity: from what I can see you appear to have a few duplicate groups of nodes in your graphs. If that’s indeed the case, is there a specific reason why you haven’t made them in to macros? I don’t know if that would even make any sense in this case because it’s too small to tell if they are actually duplicates, but I tend to make any groups I duplicate into macros and I’m wondering if there are maybe downsides to them that I don’t know about.

EDIT: Of course I don’t mean to imply that anyone should do the same and that it’s in some way ‘better’. I realize it could just be personal preference not to use macros!

Not OP, but one of the reasons I’m currently not fond of macros (which is rich for someone who sells macros), is their poor optimisation.

This is especially the case with RAM usage, and macros now appear to retain RAM until all devices within are rendered, and even then it not always appears to let go of the RAM. This is not an issue with lower resolutions, but as soon as you go beyond 4K, it gets dicey. I’ve had several unpredictable build errors and roadblocks due to this, which made me use macros less and less often. Too bad, because I agree macros are amazing (which is typical for someone who sells macros), and I hope a future update makes their behaviour more predictable.

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