About creating detail textures

First of all, please understand that these articles were written through Google Translate.

I’m creating a terrain with a game background used in Unity.
A few minutes ago I created a 100km x 100km terrain with a resolution of 1024px per tile with 20 x 20 tiles.
And I tried use it with 20km x 20km terrain in Unity.
In Unity, one tile is one square kilometer.
The resolution of the texture was made 2048 pixels, unlike the heightmap.
The game needs details from the player’s point of view.
Textures were created with WM’s own functions using Color Device and Selector, not external files. However, when applied to Unity, the texture detail was lacking.
So I am wondering if I should make the texture with a resolution greater than 2048px.
The problem is that the build time and memory usage are too high.
So I ask how others are doing.
Now the map I made took about 20 hours.
To get the desired detail, I should set the per-tile resolution to at least 4096 pixels.
I don’t know how many days it will take if I increase the resolution.
When creating detail textures, to increase the build resolution is the only way?

These are part of the terrain.
It has a 5km x 5km range and plans to use it as a 1km x 1km terrain.
The resolution is 4096 pixels.
However, there are not enough details yet.
Need to increase the number of tiles?
I already have 400 tiles. To increase the resolution, I need to increase it by a factor of 4 at a time. So the number of tiles will be 1600. That’s an absurd number. However, if I set the resolution per tile to 8192 or 16384 pixels, I don’t know how many days it will take to make all 400 tiles. I really don’t know what to do. Whether WM is an application that is not well known in my country, there is also a absurd lack of related materials, but it is not easy to find lectures or materials in other languages ​​because of the language barrier. Any advice please?

Thank you for reading…

Ps. I’ll upload the WM file I created if needed.

Short answer: WM is not made to create such detailed textures, so this won’t work, no matter how much you try.

Long answer: WM is a “macro scale” tool, meaning it’s to be used to create big features in your terrain and the smallest feasible features you can desire to get out of WM, are between 1 - 10 meters, depending on the size of your terrain. Just creating terrain in WM is not enough, you must texture it in some other tool, for example, a game engine. In there, you can place/paint high quality textures on the terrain.

So what can you do with WM in regards to texturing? You can create masks, or better said, guides, for your in game textures. Meaning you create a black and white image that will guide you were to put certain textures (or use it to automatically place textures). This is the point where resolution becomes important, as you want your masks/guides to be of an acceptable resolution. Having a 100×100 m guide isn’t helpful if you want to use the guide to help you texture flow lines that are 5 m in width, and the same goes for river banks and such. So instead of trying to create a diffuse texture in WM, use WM to create general guides for the texturing you’ll be doing inside the game engine.

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I kept thinking about it after I wrote it, and I thought so too. But I wasn’t sure. Thank you for your reply. Now I think I know what to do. I’ll create a splat map and try to apply the detail texture in the engine. Thank you.